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A Guide to the Different Mahogany Finishes

As well as being exceptionally sturdy and durable, mahogany has one of the most distinctive and striking appearances of any wood. Different finishes can highlight different aspects of the red-brown tones and the natural grain, or it can be painted to better suit a certain design or colour palette of a room.

We’ve put together a guide to the different mahogany finishes we provide here at AKD Furniture, and where each would be best suited.


A light mahogany finish can emphasise the natural wood grain whilst still providing that distinctive mahogany look. Light mahogany has caramel and flame colours that contrast nicely with darker fixings. 

As light mahogany finishes get older, they may darken and become more like tan over time. Light finishes like this work best in rustic environments, where the natural grain of the wood is complemented by other natural materials.


Tan mahogany finishes are rich, with more of the red tones we typically associate with mahogany. Tan finishes highlight the flame colours of mahogany that give the wood a warm feeling. Tan mahogany furniture looks great in rustic-style homes, as well as in slightly more traditional installations.

Mid brown

Mid brown mahogany finishes are what we typically picture when we think of mahogany. This traditional finish is a rich brown colour with hints of caramel and flame and is found in many stately homes in the UK.

This is a good choice if you want a traditional look in your home, particularly in rooms like a study, where the bold mahogany colours will match well with other natural woods and darker furnishings.


Mahogany furniture with a coffee finish is darker than the traditional mid brown. This finish is warm and rich but is light enough that the natural grain of the wood is still visible in all but dim lighting conditions. Coffee finishes, like mid-brown, would be good in a study or office space but will be better paired with lighter furnishings so the dark tones don’t overpower the space.


Dark mahogany is, as the name suggests, the darkest mahogany finish without painting. Dark finishes are a more intense version of the coffee finish, with a deep brown colour that still has a hint of flame under bright light, but the natural wood grain is much less visible than with the other finishes. Dark mahogany contrasts well in lighter rooms and with lighter woods.

French white

French white mahogany is a great choice if you want to brighten up a room. The pure white paint has a satin finish that helps to emphasise the brightening effect by reflecting light. If a bright white finish is too bold, a slightly off-white antique finish is also available, which uses an antiquing paste on top of the paint to darken recesses and carvings.

French cream

This painted mid cream colour has a satin finish and is a good choice for people who want a bright finish but also want something warmer and less bold than white mahogany. This is a very versatile finish that could suit many different styles of home, especially in rooms that need some added warmth and brightness without using natural wood finishes.

Black painted

Black painted mahogany is a dramatic satin finish that is perfect for monochrome themed rooms. Paired with whites, greys and lighter natural woods, a statement piece of black painted mahogany furniture can be a great focal point in any room.


Each type of mahogany finish highlights different qualities of the wood and really can be made to suit any space. Each finish has certain settings where it will be more obviously suited but, as with all interior design choices, personal preference is the deciding factor.

If you’d like to see some examples of the mahogany finishes we provide, you can take a look at our range.