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Furniture Construction at AKD Furniture

mahogany bookcase raw wood construction

The construction example is of our Victorian Open Bookcase. This method of construction relates to all our mahogany furniture.

The pictures below show a Victorian open bookcase before it has had its final sanding and before the colour stain is applied. Note the very light pink colour of mahogany in its natural state.

The sides of the bookcase have two panels so the side view is also very appealing.

As well as the sides the back is panelled into eight sections. See picture below. This reduces the possibility of any undesirable wood movement and at the same time is very attractive. Note also in the picture of the back panel the edges are darker -this is the pre staining so that if the panel does its job and shrinks there is no ‘white’ line visible.

Side view of Victorian Open Bookcase showing twin side panels.
Victorian Open Bookcase – Twin side panels


Victorian Open Bookcase - detail of the castle turret carving.
Victorian Open Bookcase – detail of the castle turret carving.


Back panel of Victorian Open Bookcase in 8 pre stained sections
Back panel of Victorian Open Bookcase


Top section of Victorian bookcase showing the carved corbels, turret pattern and adjustable shelves.

The finished bookcase in raw mahogany is then stained to the normal traditional mahogany colours or a painted colour as requested by the customer.

The final product hand finished and waxed in a traditional mahogany colour.


Victorian Open Bookcase with carved corbels and panelled sides

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