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AKD Furniture is a family-run company that specialises in solid mahogany furniture, handmade by skilled craftsmen and women. Our furniture is of the highest quality and has been built to last a lifetime, so you can shop with the confidence that you’ll find pieces you’ll be proud to own.

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Whatever living space you are looking to furnish, shop with confidence that you’ll find pieces you’ll be proud to own.

Dusty carpenters workroom with shaped wood next to an electric bandsaw

Bespoke Offer

We want you to have furniture you can truly be proud of, which is why we offer an extensive bespoke service that ensures you get the piece that perfectly complements your home. From small alterations to our existing pieces to completely new bespoke designs, we can customise furniture for you.

Any of our existing pieces can be adapted to suit your needs, or you can ask us to produce a completely new bespoke piece. Find out more about our bespoke furniture process and spark ideas from our bespoke examples.


We always use sustainable mahogany that is ethically-grown and sourced for our furniture. The wood we use is obtained from government-controlled plantations in Indonesia.

Our furniture has certification to prove the wood used has come from approved and legal sources, and this has since become a legal requirement for all mahogany furniture exported from Indonesia. You can learn more about this on our sustainability page.

Stack of felled mahogany tree trunks showing government control white paint stamps

Our Ranges

Here you will find authentically-designed reproduction furniture, as well as modern takes on classic styles.

Our Blog

Discover the world of mahogany furniture, as well as insights into the latest interior trends.

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